Luis Manzano respond to his hater who calls him “bayot”

Luis Manzano had an intense conversation with a netizen on social media.

“Kung maka bayot ka naman as if masama maging bayot.”

This is what actor TV host Luis Manzano response to a netizen who called him “bayot.”

It seems funny to see bashers targeting celebrities who continuously fires back at them, knowing that in the end, they’ll just delete their tweets making it an unavailable attachment once noticed.


On-screen and off-screen, it seems it’s in the nature of Luis Manzano to make people laugh.

And his endearing antics have spilled all over his social media accounts.

On the other hand, for all his funny ways, Luis has been in the crosshairs of bashers as well.

They’re part of the social media culture, and the Kapamilya host has accepted that.


But he admitted that he has always been “mapagpatol,” especially when people close to him get dragged in the fracas. He personally responds to comments.

Luis has made headlines a couple of times, reacting to comments directed at his girlfriend Jessy Mendiola.

On the other hand, he does not think twice about muting or blocking troll accounts in his social media accounts.

But to shut down the meanness, Luis said giving the bashers a piece of his mind is the best approach.

And just recently, Luis seems to have his time to exchange tirades from a netizen who criticizes him.

On Twitter, Luis called out his basher who calls him “bayot.”

Manzano fires back the harsh comment by a mean reply, “itsura mo nga yung nagnanakaw ng bag sa fastfood.”

Another followed tweet from Manzano as he fires back to bashers saying, “May time tayo lahat, quarantine e, tanga lang? Nope, umaasa ka? Type mo ako no?” 

See his exchanging of tweets below:

What can you say?


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