Ivana Alawi and DJ Loonyo’s conversation on Twitter make their fans hype up

Netizens are now shipping Ivana Alawi with current internet dancing sensation Rhemuel Lunio a.k.a. DJ Loonyo.

A ship for ‘new love team’ sparked following the release of Ivana Alawi’s latest vlog on her channel.

The vlog, uploaded on Tuesday, April 7 and has hit over 4 million views in less than 24 hours, featured another rising internet star DJ Loonyo.

In just a span of two days Ivana Alawi’s boyfriend prank vlog featuring DJ Loonyo, the internet dance heartthrob, has already reached more than 6 million views. Their chemistry sparked “kilig” and people who immediately fell in love with their team up call them IvanYoo or LooVana.


And just recently, on Twitter, their conversation brought another blow of “kilig” to many people. It all started with DJ Loonyo with a question to the actress that says, “Camera ka ba?”

Ivana then responded, “Bakit napipicture mo na ba buhay mo sakin? Hahah”

Haha di “PA” naman. Pero everytime I look at your pictures, I can’t help but…… smile” DJ Loonyo quipped.

“Ambot sa imo! Behave ka naaaa lagot ka kay ma” Ivana said.


DJ Loonyo then replied, “Okay behave na po. Ayoko mastress si “Mama” Haha Goodnight” 

With huge followings on YouTube and TikTok respectively, Ivana Alawi and DJ Loonyo became, unsurprisingly, the latest “ship” or fan pairing on social media.

Ivana made the prank to serve as “payback” for what the mother did along with her sister, Mona, in a previous vlog wherein they ignored her for a day.

Aside from fun, the latest vlog entry has brought, netizens have noticed Ivana and Loonyo’s undeniable chemistry.

Fans go crazy over the two personalities as they feast on the comment section pleading for another video to work on.

What can you say?

Do you think they’re looking good together?


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