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Meet Ranz Kyle’s new girlfriend, Milissa Grande a certified beauty queen.

Are you one of Ranz Kyle’s followers?

Ranz Kyle is one of the most popular social media influencers nowadays. He is well-known for his YouTube channel. He is also the other half of the popular dance duo “Ranz and Niana”. Niana is his step-sister.

There’s a lot of young Filipino today is hooked with his charm.

Ranz is undeniably talented especially when it comes to dancing.


His moves will surely catch your attention. His humor is a plus.

Ranz Kyle was an actor who rose to fame back in the 2000s with his now-defunct all-boys group.

That is why many young girls eyeing on him.

And just recently, there was a beautiful young lady who greeted him on his birthday vlog.


Many wonders who’s that girl is.

The said greetings become the talk of the town, many of Ranz’s followers assume that the girl in the video is Ranz’s new girlfriend.

He really looks surprised at the said video and even his family are teasing him.

Upon searching, the young lady is Milissa Grande.

She is a Filipina commercial model, beauty queen, and singer hails from Tarlac.

Grande’s family is residing in Canada, they migrated when she’s a kid.

Milissa is really beautiful and you can see that she has the heart to become a beauty queen so there’s no wonder why she was chosen to represent Canada in an international pageant before.

Milissa chooses to take a break from commercial modeling for a while because she wanted to try other opportunities in the country.

And after her video greeting for Ranz, their supporters already shipped with their love team.

According to some, they are not that vocal when talking about their relationship. They chose to stay away from the spotlight.

What can you say about this?


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