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Netizens defend Angel Locsin after her photos gaining weight circulated online

Angel Locsin is one of the most popular and successful actresses in the showbiz industry. She is not just beautiful on the outside but inside, too!

Many people really admired her for her generosity to her fellowmen. Whenever there is a calamity or crisis that was happening in the country, she would do everything that she could to give help to her fellowmen who are in need.

Apparently, photos of Locsin made rounds all over the internet.

A lot of people have noticed that she has gained weight. Of course, the weigh she has gained is nothing to be seriously alarmed about as she still is in perfect shape but there are people who are wondering what happened.


Angel admits that she has put on some weight. Because she now has a little bit more free time, she can now exercise more and eat in between work less. Angel says that she values health more than being skinny. After all, there are a lot of skinny people who are sick because of their unhealthy diet just so they could lose a lot of weight.

Losing weight for sure is nothing too hard for Angel who is used to do a lot of physical stuff. She even tried pole dancing in the past and it helped give her a knock-out body which made a lot of men and women alike droll with envy.

Hearing Angel says that she prefers to be healthy than skinny is a breath of fresh air. Mostly, celebrities give more emphasis on being skinny while sacrificing their health in return. Angel’s truly a model-actress, not only because of her charitable activities but because she has a good head over her shoulder.

What can you say about this?


Do you find Angel as stunning as before?


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