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Harlene Bautista had this reaction towards ex-husband Romnick Sarmenta’s newfound love

Harlene Bautista broke her silence on her ex-husband, Romnick Sarmenta, allegedly having a new girlfriend.

Harlene Bautista had an exciting and insightful video interview with DZRH about her personal life.

One of the topics they discussed is about her former husband, Romnick Sarmenta.

It has been a public knowledge that despite being together for a long time, their marriage didn’t work out but they did not put it into details why they decided to get separated.


According to Harlene, she is completely okay with her ex-husband getting into a new romantic relationship.

She explained that what is important is that all of them are happy and that both she and Romnick love and care for their children.

She just shrugged it off indicating that she doesn’t have the energy to be negative about it. As long as they are now both happy in their current disposition, everything will also be just as good.

According to a report from PEP, she said, “Ang importante, masaya na lang tayong lahat. It’s his life. Ang ano lang namin talaga is ang mga bata. Kung meron kaming dapat na pag-usapan, e, ang mga bata, yun lang yun.”


Their separation accordingly involved no third party and it was a mutual decision. And Romnick, in his previous interviews, said that he will always be a father and a friend to their children.

Moreover, the former married couple has agreed and wanted someone for each other as they grow old. They have been together for roughly two decades.

Harlene admitted that it was she who first brought up the idea but stressed that their separation is a mutual decision.

And with regards to the alleged new girl of her ex-husband, she just stated “Good for him”.

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