Smart Pinay! Beauty Gonzales give first aid advice for those who got stung by jellyfish

Filipinos love going to the beach, but some are not fully aware of the harms around the beaches.

Have you ever encounter jellyfish on your beach getaway? Do you know the harm it could give you when you get stung?

Apparently, celebrity mom Beauty Gonzales recently got stung by a jellyfish while she was at the beach.

The Kapamilya actress shared some tips on how she got away from the harmful po!son if the said sea creature.

On Instagram last June 18, Beauty narrates the first aid she did. She used “good old fashioned” vinegar from the Ilocos, instead of using pee.


She showed her fun time at the beach “seconds before my jellyfish attack” and flaunted her fit figure while donning a black swimsuit.

“Them critters obviously didn’t get the social distancing memo,” she said. “No, nobody pee’d on my leg, [I used] good old fashioned Sukang Iloko to first aid the stings. Very effective.”

Beauty also joked that it would be a jellyfish dish the next time she orders Chinese food.

Akin ang huling Halakhak (I will have the last laugh)!”

Despite film and TV shows depicting urine as a treatment for a jellyfish sting, American scientific studies stated that this treatment is a myth.


According to the science magazine, Pee could actually make the jellyfish stings worse to release even more venom. The sting could be softened by using vinegar or 5% acetic acid.

Although we can’t go and enjoy the beaches this time, Beauty’s first aid tip can be useful, when we encounter such an incident.

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