JC Santos admits that fatherhood makes his life complete

JC Santos shared that being a dad made him complete.

JC Santos is making the most of his time at home by fulfilling daddy duties.

Santos said he now has so much respect for women, especially those who are single parents.

“It’s difficult to take care of babies, even with both parents around. I can imagine how tougher it is for single moms,” he quipped.


As to the kind of dad he’d like to be, JC said he still couldn’t say. “Although I want her to grow up disciplined and respectful of others, two values that are most important to me,” he added.

JC also shared that when he found out he was going to be a dad, a million thoughts swam through his head.

He begins his fatherhood journey with a handful of questions like, “How’s my career going?” “How are my bank accounts?” “Can I now provide for my family?” “Am I ready?”

All of the questions in his head has obviously Yes for an answer.


“All good! Game! Dream come true! I am now ready to be a father! Thank You, God! Celebration!” he says in an interview with ABS-CBN Lifestyle.

So far, JC has managed to successfully juggle being a first-time dad with work. He is arguably one of the most in-demand actors today.

Asked how he could still manage his time, the 31-year-old actor replied: “I take one day at a time. Because I have several commitments, I try to live in the moment. I don’t plan beyond one week.”

JC describes their little one as “a funny ball of energy,” who is always ready to flash her legendary beaming smile. “She reminds me of myself—I always 100 percent smile. It’s also one of my favorite qualities about my wife,” he shares.

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