Gladys Guevarra pokes for selling “PALITAW” onlinea amids pandemic

Crisis is what we are facing right now, not just the ordinary people who experience this but even the celebrities as well.

We have to think of something to continue living. We all have a family to feed right? Most of us rely on online because this is what we can do for now.

Apparently, another celebrity had been practical and also rely on online selling to support their needs.

Artists like Gladys Guevarra are amazing for being proud of their new source of income amid the  pandemic.

Performing in comedy bars was one of Gladys’ sources of income, but since Zirkoh and Klownz closed, she decided to sell snacks, such as yema, cheese puto, and salted eggs.


For Gladys, it is a great achievement that her customers enjoy the dishes she makes and cooks herself.

But the comedienne-singer is not safe from other people’s comments about her new income.

Gladys shared on her Facebook her recent encounter in talipapa with a woman who could not believe that she was selling palitaw.

On her post she said,


“Sabi nung kausap ko sa talipapa kanina . . . ‘Ha?! Eh di ba artista ka? Bakit ka nagtitinda ng Palitaw?’

“Weh ano naman ngayon ate, naisip mo pa yun? Ang requirements ba sa pagtitinda, kailangan hindi artista?

“TaranTula pala tong si Ate eh! Hahaha! Gusto ko pa nga magtinda ng turon, halo-halo, ginatan, totong, lumpiang sariwa, pansit, lumpiang pritong gulay. Ano problema dun?

“Ikaw nga ate, nakatayo ka lang sa talipapa, nakikipag-tsismisan ka sa tindera. Hahahaha!”

According to her, this is what her plan and wanted to do even before the pandemic happened.

“Ate, hindi pa uso ang Covid balak ko na magtinda ng barbecue sa harap ng bahay ko. Hindi lang pwede, kase mga kapitbahay ko, congressman, senators, mayors.

“At kaya ako umalis dun, hindi inaabot ng ayuda. Bhuset! “ 

She’s right! The pandemic should not let our lives stop. We have to do something to continue living. Do you agree?


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