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Sunshine Cruz and her daughters hits back to those disrespectful and lewd comments made against them

Actress Sunshine Cruz and her daughters have brought to light disrespectful and lewd comments made against them two years ago.

The Facebook caption was simple and sweet: “Ang aking mga prinsesa…I love you all so much.”

The photo showed Sunshine Cruz with her daughters, Angelina, Samantha, and Chesca, now all in their teens. They were in their swimsuits in the pool.

The comments section, however, hinted strongly that those reactions and shares were not good kinds at all.


On July 7, Sunshine hit back at netizens who made toxic comments, calling them “s3xual predators” and “manyak.”

“Nagkalat ang sexual predators sa social media lalo na dito sa Facebook. Check out my public page Sunshine Cruz. Sad na ginagawang rason ng mga manyak na ito na naka swimsuit or shorts daw kami.

Sunshine says she deleted the comments and blocked who made them.


As a warning, she added her lawyers and talent management had access to her Facebook page.

Apparently, Angelina and Samantha, two of the daughters of actress Sunshine Cruz, took to Twitter to speak up.


Sam, who is 15 years old, took to Twitter to warn those who have been posting about them to watch their words.

“Imagine going on FB and seeing so many memes/posts sexualizing you and your family (keep in mind that I and my younger sister are minors). I don’t find them funny, I just find them gross and disturbing. To all the men posting about us, please watch your words,” she wrote.

She also defended her eldest sister, Angelina, who was allegedly harassed by her schoolmates two years ago.

Angelina spoke up on the matter, saying she regrets not speaking up on it earlier. “This was not ok then, it will never be ok now,” she stressed.

What can you say?


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