Manny Pacquiao’s children tuition in International School will make your jaw dropped

One of the greatest rags to riches story we could ever hear was the inspiring story of the Pambansang Kamao and Senator Manny Pacquaio.

The Pacquaio’s now enjoying their luxury life, because of Manny’s hard work and painful victories in international boxing.

Not mentioning his wife, Jinkee Pacquiao who obviously good in handling their fortune.

For this celebrity couple, they don’t want their children to experience poverty and starving as what they experienced when they are young.


Education is their primary concern for their kids, that’s why Manny and Jinkee send their children to the best international school in the country.

Their eldest Jimuel. 18, who recently graduated senior high school in Brent International School Manila. According to the reports tuition fee of Jimuel ranges to $9,120 or P418,900 annually. Additional school fees worth $8,085 or P396,165 is not included in the basic tuition fee.

The second child is Michael Stephen, 18, also studying in Brent International Scholl in Laguna. Who is currently in his senior high school. The same amount of school fees as their oldest Jimuel.

Mary Divine, the eldest daughter who is 13-years-old. She is currently in middle school. Her tuition fee in Brent is $8,784 or P403,512 plus the additional school fees for the whole year.


Next to Mary is Queenie, 11. Their fourth child was born in Los Angeles, CA. She is also in middle school. Like her ate, her tuition fee is around $8,784 or P403,512.

Pacquiao’s bunso is Israel who is 5 years old who is not yet schooling.

With this amount of money for the education of their children, it is undeniably Manny and Jinkee prioritized their education.

And regarding these children, they are very well raised and their parents are surely proud of them.

What can you say?


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