Clint Bondad. hot topic today after seeing cryptic posts on his social media account

Netizens are now wondering, what happened to Catriona Gray’s ex-boyfriend after admitting her relationship with Sam Milby?

The crowned Miss Universe 2018 was an example of a fine lady with so many positive vibes on her. Many women got jealous of her because she’s almost perfect.

Even on the peak, Catriona remained humble and low key. Apparently, her name suddenly rose again after Sam Milby admitted their romantic relationship.

Most of us are aware of Catriona’s past relationship with Clint Bondad who said stayed on her side all throughout her Miss Universe journey. We taught are everything happened between them is settled in good way, not until these recent days.

Clint had been a trending topic on Twitter since Wednesday night.

It comes just days after he sent actor Sam Milby a direct message asking if he wants to become his “client.”


The posts of Clint seemed to be random. Some of them included the word “Sam” even though it is unclear what he’s actually pertaining to.

He also said that “dating app” is not identical to “church,” which prompted some netizens to wonder if Clint is alluding to how Sam and Catriona met.

Across three consecutive posts, he also said there is no need to worry because he’s just the ex.

He also posted, “P.S. I create Queens” followed by another post which says “Because I push Yiu Beyond all your Limits.”


See his posts on the Instagram story below:

Do you think Clint Bondad still can’t move on? What can you say?





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