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Ivana Alawi rejected the super rich stranger who wants to date her

Ivana Alawi is indeed one of the most beautiful and alluring female celebrities today. Do you agree?

As a matter of fact, she was tagged as the newest crush ng bayan. She got all the looks, the body, and the fortune.

It will be not impossible if many men will dating her, even the rich ones.

Recently, Ivana shared one of her experiences on her suitors on one of her vlogs on Youtube.

The 23-year-old star had a very rich suitor who owns a private jet.


The unnamed man is Ivana’s ardent follower on Instagram, and she often sends direct messages to him.

The man allegedly invited her to date in Japan when he saw in Ivana’s Instagram post that she wanted to eat Japanese food.

“Parang nagki-crave ako nag-post ako sa Instagram. Matagal na siya nagdi-DM sa Instagram.”

“Sabi niya, ‘Puwede ba kita ligawan? Sunduin kita ng private jet. Tapos punta tayo ng Japan, tapos kakain tayo dun.’

“Tapos, parang ako, sa tingin mo sasama ako sa ‘yo papunta ng Japan dahil lang may jet ka? No!”

Apparently, Ivana finds this off. She thought her admirer as arrogant the way she invites her.

“Ni-reject ko yun. Ang yabang! Hindi siya bongga. Mayabang. Pinakamayabang yun.” 

According to her, she will not fall to someone with grand romantic gestures especially if he doesn’t have the right attitude.

“Eto lang masasabi ko, hindi porke’t may pera ka makukuha mo lahat ng gusto mo.

“Sometimes you just have to be good to people. You have to be friendly.

“Kung gusto mo makipagkaibigan, makipagkaibigan ka. Pero hindi porke’t, ‘Ay, may jet ako,’ lahat ng babae sasama sa ‘yo.”

Ivana really gets annoyed whenever she remembered this stranger. The man thought Ivana will be dazzled with money and fortune.


Ivana had previously said that she appreciates more the sincerity of a traditional manliligaw

She even told his family members not to buy her expensive gifts on special occasions.

“Mas gusto ko po yung simple. Dalhin mo ako sa bulalo, kwekwek.

“Pero yung yayabangan mo ako? Ay, ni-reject ko talaga.”

Unfortunately, Ivana rejected the rich guy on the spot.

Well, it seems that Ivana is not just an ordinary girl. She may look daring but deep inside she still embraces the old traditions like panliligaw.

What can you say?



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