Pokwang defends her daughter’s Nanny against negative comments from netizens

Nannies are there to help us take care of our children especially when don’t have much time to attend all their needs. Sometimes we look for nannies if we wanted to give the best care for our kids.

But parents have different types of treatment to these helpers. Some may be good but some Yaya is experiencing bad.

But Pokwang’s treatment on her daughter’s nanny is now being the talk of the town.

Pokwang shared a clip showing her daughter Malia O’Brian while eating broccoli. Malia was with her nanny whom Pokwang calls ‘Ate Gina’. The comedienne preempted further discussions about why she lets the nanny taste the food first before giving it to baby Malia.


She explained that the nanny was testing the food to avoid Malia from getting scalded. Powkie also made it clear that what the nanny did was okay with her.

Ate Gina loved her children well, which made Pokwang feel thankful and blessed. As for the “negatrons”, Pokwang warned them to keep their negative comments as she will block those who stress her out.

“More broccoli more fun for my tisay ng masa @malia_obrian #tisayngmasa Yes po malapit na namin i launch ang kanyang sariling youtube channel!!! SOON….. Please lang sa mga mag co comment ng nega about bakit nauna si ate Gina ang tumikim sa pagkain ng bata?” she captioned her post.

Some netizens were asking why she allows the nanny to put the spoon inside her mouth before putting it on Malia’s? Some netizens explained that the nanny may pass on germs from her mouth and may expose Malia to viruses and bacteria’s.

But for Pokwang, Ate Gina is just being careful about her daughter. She doesn’t want to put hot food inside her daughter’s mouth. She also added that she’s thankful because the nanny loves Malia very much.


Pokwang's video showing how Malia's nanny takes care of her goes viral

Pokwang's video showing how Malia's nanny takes care of her goes viral📸: @Pokwang

Posted by Showbiz Insider PH on Friday, July 19, 2019


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