Tim Sawyer seeks netizens help for him to reconcile with partner China Roces

Tim Sawyer aims to reconcile with his partner China Roces.

Tim Sawyer and former FHM model and vlogger China Roces had a major argument that was shared live on Tim’s Facebook account. Though the live video has been deleted, a lot of their followers were able to record the whole video which lasted for more than 12 minutes.

China was seen holding the phone while arguing with Tim in the background, revealing that it was Tim who wanted to leave both his wife and their five-month-old son Baby Tim. He even bought his own car and house without letting her know.

He also planned to have his own business without her knowledge. As if money issues weren’t enough problems, China also mentioned that she caught her husband chatting online with different women.


However, Tim has denied the accusations, saying that he is not selfish when it comes to his earnings, that he never threatened to leave his family, and that he only chatted with other women to plan collaborations for his vlog.

China then uploaded a picture of her with her cute son. She expressed through the caption that she considers her baby as her “everything.”

Meanwhile, in a new post on Facebook, Tim asked netizens to help him and China reconcile with each other. He admitted in his emotional post that he cannot go through with his life without his partner and their baby. Furthermore, he said that he feels bad for his child because he got involved in his quarrel with China.

Sana ma tulongan nyo akong maging ok kami ulit ni china mahal na mahal ko pamilya ko diko kaya na ma buhay wala sila 😭 na aawa nako sa anak namin..

What can you say? Do you think Tim deserves a second chance?


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