WATCH: China Roces Uploads Cute And Sweet Moment With Her Baby Amid Controversy

China Roces draw attention from netizens again for uploading new video. But this time, it is for a good reason.

Recently, China and her partner Tim Sawyer were put in the spotlight after China went live using Tim Sawyer’s Facebook page.


It is because they were fighting over the money earned by Tim Sawyer. China claimed that Tim earned almost 3 million pesos in just a month.

Tim allegedly hid from China that he bought a brand new house and lot and a car. China was asking for a certain amount of money to be spend in their house.



But Tim allegedly said to China that all of his earnings are for him only. China also accused Tim of leaving her and their son behind.

There was also an issue that Tim is messaging other girls for a collaboration. A thing that he also allegedly hid from his partner.


With this, they suddenly became the talk of the town.

On the other hand, China went viral again but this time, it is for a good reason.


The loving mother uploaded a video using the Tiktok application. The said video shows China playing with their baby and kissing him on the cheeks.

Many netizens re praising China for being a still loving and affectionate mother to her baby.

They are happy that China is still taking good care of her child amid the issue they are facing right now.

Meanwhile, Tim Sawyer immediately denied all the accusations of China Roces.


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