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Luis Manzano Recalls Mom Vilma Santos Didn’t Gave Him A Normal Childhood

Luis Manzano admitted that her mom Vilma Santos wasn’t abke to give him a normal childhood.

As we all know, Luis Manzano is the one and only son of Vilma Santos with her former partner Edu Manzano.

Given that Luis has celebrity parents, ut can’t be denied that he had to go through with the fame of his parents.

During that time, Vilma Santos was indeed one of the most known actress in Philippine showbiz industry. Thatbisbwhy she was later called as the Star of All Season.


With his mom having her peak of fame and success, Luis wasn’t able to have a normal childhood.

As Vilma can’t be put in public places such as playground, malls and even groceries. Her fans wilk always run after her to take a photo with her.

So everytime that she will go out with Luis, her fans will notice her immediately until they will be crowded and had no choice byt to leave the area and go home.

In a YouTube vlog uploaded by his girlfriend, Jessy Mendiola which as a theme Heart-To-Heart Talk with the Howhows, Luis revealed his childhood experiences with his mom.


This was brought up after Jessy asked the actor if he will be guven a chance to date another girl, who would it be. To which Luis answered was his mom Vilma.

Luis went on saying that he had no chance to go out with his mom like a normal kid does with their mommies during his childhood. So he would want a quality time with his mom.

He shared that all he ever wanted is to have a quality time with his mom just like what other normal kids do with their parents.


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