Nadine Lustre Also Reacts To The Manila Bay Project of The Government

Nadine Lustre is a known as a  model ambassadress of various products including high end companies.

Since her relationship with James Reid, she also rose to fame and became a succesful actress.

Aside from this, Nadine is also known by her fans as a straight forward and honest when it comes to issues.

And now, she may not bes een in the television right now but Nadine knows what has been happening in our country.


In line with this, the Ulan star has a straight forward reaction towards the Manila Bay Project of the government.

Recently, the Manila Bay Project has become a hot topic on social media. Many are saying that the officials priotitized the irrelevant projects instead of focusing on the pandemic.

And even Nadine Lustre had something to say. On her Instagram, she posted a screenshot of the on going white sand in Manila Bay.

She wrote, “Inuna pa talaga nila yung white sand no?!”


The Manila Bay is being filled with white sands from Cebu.

This Instagram story of Nadine draws attentions from her fans.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time that Nadine had hinest words against big names. She also claps back on the broadcast journalist Jobert Salcedo.

Nadine Lustre is indeed as trong girl with a powerful words when it comes to issues and matters.

Nadine Lustre may prangkang reaksyon din ukol sa paglalagay ng white sand sa Manila Bay!

Ibinahagi ni Nadine sa kanyang Instagram Stories ang art card ng CNN Philippines tungkol sa kontrobersiyal na DENR project.

Posted by Pinas Trending Video on Wednesday, 9 September 2020

What can you say? Do you agree with the Manila Bay project or not?


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