Heart Evangelista Lambasts Basher Who Commented On Her Nails

Heart Evangelista is indeed one of the most talked about actress in this time. With her classy OOTDs and beautiful face, she surely gains our attentions.

Before she entered showbiz, Heart came from a wealthy family that explains her flawless beauty and high maintenance way of living.

We have seen her expensive dress, outfits, bags, shoes, sandals and her whole luxurious walk in closet.

As classy and sassy as she is, most of really thinks that she is perfect and doesn’t have any flaws at all.


But one Instagram user seems to have the guts to comment something about the Kapuso star.

On her Instagram, Heart posted a photo where a mural matches with her sandals.

“Matching with my work, of course! I’m so so happy with how everything turned out. ❣️ Thank you to everyone who helped me out!” Heart captioned her post.

In the comment section, one netizen focused on the feet and even the nails of Heart instead of the mural and the sandals itself which Heart meant for posting.


The said Instagram user commented, “pangit pala ng kuko mo.”

With this, Heart had a short but meaningful come back to her basher saying that it is better than having a rude attitude.

“ok lang keysa ugali,” Heart calmly said.

Soon after, her fans came to support her and roast the Instagram basher of the actress.

Meanwhile, Heart is doing just fine and has been giving free gadgets to students in need for their online classes.


Written by aDMin

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