Vicki Belo does the carwash challenge in a daring way together with Ivana Alawi

Vicki Belo cleans her car with Ivana Alawi and Scarlet Snow Belo.

For YouTube fans, Ivana is one of the Pinay superstars when it comes to this platform. It is quite a given fact that she gets millions of views in just one video.

For Doc Vicki’s recent vlog, she collaborated with Ivana and they did a car wash challenge which the latter already did on her YouTube channel. Before the car washing, the celebrity doctor has a short interview with the actress-vlogger.

Vicki asked Ivana her secret why her YouTube videos became hits and most of her viewers are even women. The latter said that she really does not know the reason behind that. Then, they talked about Ivana’s love life and Doc Vicki gave her advice when it comes to choosing the right man for her.


Ivana, who has been single in a while, told the doctor to the stars that she has developed trust issues, given that she’s dated men who turn out to be womanizers.

“I will teach you kasi I went through that challenge… challenge ng buhay ko,” Vicki Belo said.

It can be recalled that Vicki was once married to businessman Atom Henares.

She continued, “So my advice to you is to look for a husband who is a Christian.


The two then went to talk about the carwash challenge that Ivana is doing on her YouTube channel, which has amassed over millions of views.

Vicki revealed that she wanted to take on the viral challenge because she wants to learn how to do simple chores together with her daughter, Scarlet Snow Belo.

“I want Scarlet to learn, as well. Kasi, she’s learning how to set the table with the plates,” she said.

Watch their video below:

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