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Ivana Alawi jumped in fear when she visited Raffy Tulfo In Action’s office

Ivana Alawi got scared when she visits RTIA’s office.

A few weeks ago, several videos of Raffy Tulfo’s segment helping complainant with their issues gone viral.

After some creepy voices have been heard. The netizens were also alarmed after hearing the voice.

The creepy voices have been heard in videos entitled “GRAB DRIVER, NAGKAUTANG DAW NG 160K SA ISANG STAFF NG OKADA!” and “PART 1|ATE, SINASABING MAY ANAK DAW SI TIM SAWYER SA KANYA!”.


Some crews of RTIA have also shared their creepy experiences inside the office. Staff also revealed that paranormal activities happened in the office.

In each video, a creepy voice was heard saying; “give and take”, “laban, and “nak mo yan”, respectively.

Some staff of the said show also shared their creepy experiences or encounters in their new office.

With this, the radio host decided to consult paranormal experts to investigate the cryptic happenings on their set.


The 60-year-old radio personality also sought the help of sound engineers and other field experts to resolve the issue. He also found out that the building has been abandoned for 15 years from 1995-2010.

Anna Dela Cruz, a paranormal expert, claimed that she also saw an eerie entity in the area.

Tulfo also sought the help of the famous paranormal expert Ed Caluag to investigate the incident. Caluag described the incident as “electronic voice phenomena” and conduct several tests.

And just recently, Ivana Alawi visited RTIA’s office.

She was invited by Idol Raffy to share and discuss the creepy incidents.

While Raffy and Sheree share their experience, Ivana is so scared.

It can be seen on her face, she even jumped in fear after she heard the story.

Watch the video below:

Your thoughts? What can you say about Ivana’s reaction?


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