Ogie Diaz revealed that Raffy Tulfo still want to help Michelle Lhor Bana-ag but with one condition

Ogie Diaz recently aired his honest thoughts about Michelle Lhor Bana-ag.

Among those who defended Super Tekla amid the intense bashing against him when his partner went to Raffy Tulfo’s program for a tell-all complaint, are comedians and close people to Donita Nose and Ogie Diaz.

They expressed to Tulfo that it is impossible for Tekla to do that because if so, the girl should have left a long time ago already.

Previously, Ogie interviewed Tekla on his YouTube channel.


One of the topics that the talent manager tackled is Tekla’s affection towards Michelle Lhor Bana-ag.

Tekla admitted that he tried to win Michelle back after the controversies but they ended up in an arrangement to stay connected just for their son during the interview.

Tekla opened up that he met Michelle when he was at the lowest point of his life. They saved each other to get out of that situation.

Meanwhile, Tulfo withdrew all the help he promised to Michelle after finding out that she backed out to go through a hair follicle test which will identify if she’s still using an illegal substance or not.


But after that, a certain netizen appeared and said in a video that he is willing to help Michelle.

And just recently, on his latest vlog episode, Ogie Diaz reveals that many people want to extend their help for Michelle.

On his YouTube channel along with celebrity stylist Mama Loi, it became their topic.

Ogie then revealed that Raffy Tulfo still wants to help Michelle but with one condition.

It is if she is willing to change her ways and left behind all her vices.

Watch Ogie’s full vlog below:

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Ogie Diaz sinabing handa pa rin tulungan ni Raffy Tulfo si Michelle ngunit sa isang kundisyon!

Ibinahagi ni Ogie Diaz na nais pa rin palang tulungan ni Idol Raffy Tulfo si Michelle Lhor Bana-ag sa isang kundisyon.

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