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Did Aiko Melendez Slams G Tongi After Criticizing Arnell Ignacio’s Hairstyle?

Did Aiko Melendez jus turned the favor to G Tongi after critic!zing the hairstyle of Arnell Ignacio?

This is after a cryptic Facebook post of Aiko about a personality who personally @ttacked the opposing side instead of attacking the issue itself.

The said issue was concerned with political views.

According to Aiko, everyone has their political views but the thing is, she don’t agree attacking the person.


The actress might be referring to Argumentum Ad Hominem where the person is personally @ttacking the person and not the argument itself.

She went on pointing out that everyone has the right to give comments on how the government run the country. But it is unacceptable for her to give foul comments against someone who has different opinions from you.

Aiko also called this someone as “lowblow”after she used this as a hashtag. She also wrote #Justsaying.

The multi awarded actress might not mentioned a name, but in the comment section, it is confirmed that she is reffering to a girl.


“Can’t she get a better agument than that?” part of the comment Aiko replied to a netizen who commented on her post.

On the other hand, Arnell Ignacio thanked Aiko after half an hour.

Arnell already admitted that he is bald and only using hair pieces from his own hair care business.

It is clear that Arnell thanked Aiko for defending him.

On November 4, Arnell commented, “mahina ang ulo” over Angelica Panganiban’s post which G retweeted saying, “Sa kaalaman ko, ang may mahinang ulo ay yung di tumutubong buhok mo, kaya tuloy naka plug ins ka.”


Written by aDMin

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