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James Reid Unintentionally Called Nadine Lustre “Love” In An Interview

James Reid seems to slipped out of his tongue when he unintentionally called Nadine Lustre “Love” during their virtual interview.

As the news broke in January this year, James and Nadine confirmed their break up through a joint statement.

Since their break up that sparked noise in showbiz industry, there are some reports saying that they have seen Nadine and James together.

After few months of their confirmed break up, James and Nadine (JaDine) are now back at work again. However, they are still yet to confirm if they are back together again.


Their newest dropped music, Wildest Dream has been officially released and their album is to follow.

With this, they had a virtual interview by Myx hosted by VJ Samm. In the said interview, James acc!dentally called Nadine as “Love.”

In the said interview, the singer actor was talking on how they came up with this kind of production.

When suddenly, it slipped out of his tongue saying “love” and is actually referring to Nadine.


Although they have a separated background, it seems like this two star of Diary Ng Panget is hiding something.

James said, “And I just asked her like, ‘Love if we.. let’s say myx interviewed you… What would you say the album about?’”

Although it is not clear because he said it with a slang accent, but ther solid fans reuploaded this part on Facebook.

As a matter of fact, a Facebook page named Certified Jadine posted the short clip James calling Nadine “love.”

Meanwhile, this sparks kilig on their fans saying that they are really back but just denying it as of now. They are hoping that JaDine will be back on what they were pretty soon.

James, nadulas nang matawag si Nadine ng "Love" 🤧💜#teampanatag #jadine

Posted by Certified JaDine on Tuesday, 27 October 2020


Written by aDMin

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