Adoptive mother of singer-actress Angeline Quinto bids her goodbye

Angeline Quinto’s Mama Bob, passed away which broke many hearts.

The news of her passing is share by former ABS-CBN employee, Marcos Juan Castillo, on his social media account.

Previously, Angeline shared that her adoptive mother Sylvia Quinto or also known as Mama Bob has a blood clot. On their way to Tagaytay, accordingly, her Mama Bob suffered lightheadedness and was vomiting.

They rushed her to the hospital and right there, they were informed about her condition. In several posts, the singer has been asking her followers to include them in their prayers for her Mama Bob. As much as we are all aware, Mama Bob is famous because of her and she takes her to her work whenever the circumstances permit and many celebrities are also close to her.


And just recently, in an Instagram post, Markie Castillo dropped the news that Mama Bob has passed away.

He shared that his last memory with her was when he lost the job and she’s concerned about his situation. And Angeline, speechless and in absolute pain, expressed nothing as of now but to just share broken hearts on her page

In his caption, he wrote, “Last mong sinabi sa akin sa bahay niyo, ‘Paano na yung condo mo kasama ka pala sa nawalan ng trabaho.’ Hays, ma miss kita Mama Bob! RIP Mama Bob.”

Angeline also shared in her exclusive interview that her adoptive mother was being weaned to a ventilator.

On Wednesday, November 4, Angeline even managed to post a photo of her and Mama Bob on her social media account. “My Forever Love. Konting laban pa Mama Bob Ko. Mahal na mahal kita Ma. Praise God,” she wrote.


Angeline’s social media account is now filled with sympathy from her fans and friends in the industry.


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