Did Andrea Torres Already Hinted The Reason of Break Up With Derek Ramsay?

The rumored break up of Andrea Torres and Derek Ramsay has been a hot topic right now.

It is after both Andrea and Derek deleted their photos together on their respective Instagram accounts. Andrea also unfollowed the actor on her Instagram.

However, Derek nor Andrea is yet to confirm their rumored break up. But some of the close friends of the actress already said that Andrea is taking her time to heal herself.

According to the sources, some friend of Andrea said that she is taking her time to get herself together. As of now, she can’t talk regarding the issue.


If that’s the case, the rumored break up of AnDrek is slightly confirmed if any of this is true. Does Andrea is already moving on?

On the other hand, many of their fans are still in disbelief as they already opens up that they are talking about their future plans.

Seeing Andrea in the house of the actor also made their fans think that they are already living in the same roof. But this had been denied by both of the couple.

Moreover, it is really a shocking speculation when photos of them were deleted. Many are expecting that their love story will end up with marriage. They even talked about this several times in different interviews.



Sadly, Derek was flooded by hate comments and below the belt blows saying that he only wanted Andrea for ‘physical’ contentment.

This was then defended by Derek himself answering some below the belt comments on his Instagram post.

Meanwhile, there is also a rumor that there is a third party involved being the reason of their alleged break up.

What do you think maybe the reason of their alleged break up?


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