Grandmother of Jake Zyrus Got Hospitalized, Mother of Jake Allegedly Dumped Her Mom

The grandmother of Jake Zyrus, Lola Tess was rushed to the hospital. A video of her was uploaded by a concerned netizen asking for help from Raffy Tulfo.

In the said video, the grandmother of Jake looks weak. According to Lola Tess, she tripped down from the third floor of the stairs but her daughter Raquel didn’t mind her and allegedly accused her of being dramatic.

The netizen who was taking a video explained that he helped Lola Tess to get to the clinic. It is because the grandmother complained that she felt dizzy.

Beforehand, Lola Tess claimed that her daughter Raquel is allegedly m!istre4ting her.


On the other hand, Raquel posted on her Facebook account explaining her side of the story. As per her post, she explained that Lola Tess has been going out and in of their house.

She will only come back to their home when Lola Tess allegedly has no money anymore where she was going everytime.

“Para po sa nakaalam yan po nanay ko nakaraang 2weeks lng bago ulit xa naglayas… kung gaano xa kasaya d2,” Raquel first wrote on her Facebook.

“Pang apat na beses ng babalik at laging naglalayas kapag wala n namang pera sa pinupuntahan nya…”


Meanwhile, one netizen commented saying that Lola Tess allegedly m!streated Charice back then when she was not yet that successful.

But now that Jake has the success, Lola Tess is asking help from her granddaughter.

Many are also saying that she is over dramatic and exaggerated because if it is true that she fell down from third floor to the last step, she will gain a lot of physical problems.

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