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LJ Moreno and Jimmy Alapag gave their fans a tour of their house in California

LJ Moreno and Jimmy Alapag thrilled and entertained their fans with the new episode of their YouTube vlog.

The new vlog episode shows the beloved couple giving an epic tour of their new house in the US.

According to LJ, she and Jimmy were finally able to do a house tour after all of their stuff from the Philippines arrived in California.

LJ and Jimmy’s house tour became super entertaining because their cute and adorable children helped them in showing the different areas of their cozy home.


“Finally, we can give you a proper house tour! Those who have been following our vlogs know that it took some time for all of our stuff from the Philippines to arrive here in California and of course, we had to arrange and get settled first before doing this video,” the couple explain

Jimmy said they did it for their fans who have long wanted to see their family home.

“I know many of you have been waiting for the new house tour for our place here in the States. So, here we are. And the kids are going to give you guys the grand tour of our new place here in the States,” he quipped.

One of the things LJ and Jimmy brought was the table where they shared as a family when they were still in the Philippines. Jimmy said that the said table has sentimental value to them so they are happy that they were able to fly it to the US.


The couple also shared that they still have a lot to fix at home especially their belongings.

Jimmy explained, they first fix their children’s belongings.

Watch their video below:

What can you say about their new abode?


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