Nadine Lustre Shuts Down Basher: “Utot mo blue”

Nadine Lustre shuts down basher once again. This time, from a comment on her friend’s photo.

As almost of us know, Nadine Lustre has a unconfirmed relationship with James Reid right now. It is after they call it quits on January this year but was later on spotted together in some places.

There has been a rumor circulating that James and Nadine are back together again after months of staying apart from each other.

Some of their fans even compiled series of their proofs and screenshots saying that the couple are living in the same roof again.


To add more of it, James slipped off on his own tongue when he acc!dentally called Nadine “love” in a virtual interview of them with Myx.

However, both of them has yet to reveal their real score as of this moment.

On the other hand, one netizen was shut down by Nadine when the said basher commented on a photo of one her friends.

The said photo was uploaded by @halucynation on Instagram showing a dinner night with friends where James was present.


Basher commented, “Mga pips BREAK na si Nadine at james kaya ok lang yan nakikitang may kasamang silang iba! At wala kayong right maghate sa kasama nila!”

It seems unexpected but Nadine replied, “uhm… I was actually invited” followed with the hashtags, #jokesonUlol and #2020namagbagokana.

She went on saying, “haters who use fake accounts don’t have balls #sadlyf” and another hater butted in and wrote, “try to ask @james kung meron din siyang balls #desperate.”

This part was the most funniest when Nadine responded, “utot mo blue”

Meanwhile, this elicits different reactions and comments from her fans. This actress really knows the humor and wits!


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