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Andrea Del Rosario returns and renovates her house that she bought almost 15 years ago

Andrea Del Rosario is having a fresh start on her first ever house.

Andrea Del Rosario had recently shared a sentimental post on social media as she will finally return to her first house after almost 15 years.

This, as she posted the good news on her Facebook saying that she would finally get possession of a house that she bought around 15 years ago.

In her Facebook post, Andrea shared that the said house in BF Homes in Paranaque was the first house that she bought when she became an actress around 15 years ago.


According to her, the said house was even featured in the ABS-CBN magazine at that time.

However, Andrea said that someone contested her ownership of the said house shortly after she paid for the said property.

Andrea added that she got involved with a syndicate and she lost possession of the said house because of failing to post bond and had been in the case battle for years.

Until recently, Andrea shared that she won the case after almost 15 years because of her amazing legal team. She added that she will finally get possession of the said house with the help of the sheriff in the next few days.


Almost 15 years of heartache… God you’re truly amazing! Thank you Lord!

As seen in the edit history of her post, the said post was already published last October 7 and said that she will finally return to her first house after almost 20 years.

However, after applying a series of corrections to her post, Andrea made a final correction saying that its “almost 15 years” instead of “almost 20 years”.

Andrea Del Rosario was formerly part of ABS-CBN’s Star Magic Batch 3.

She is now the Vice Mayor of Calatagan, Batangas.


Written by aDMin

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