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Crisha Uy’s emotional video last year resurfaced online amid Joem Bascon and Meryll Soriano’s rekindled romance

Crisha Uy’s video last year is now trending online.

As we all know, Meryll Soriano and Joem Bascon’s rekindled romance is the talk of the town now.

It is after Meryll Soriano revealed her new baby and not-so-new love on New Year’s Day.

On an Instagram post on New Year’s day, Meryll posted a “family” picture with her son Elijah Palanca, a newborn baby, and actor Joem Bascon.


She hopes for everyone to “find peace, joy, and love” for the new year.”

This confirms rumors back in January that the two have rekindled their romance after a decade since parting ways. Both actors then evaded questions of them getting back together, as Bascon’s ex, vlogger Crisha Uy went viral due to her emotional vlog.

And speaking of Crisha Uy’s emotional video, it then resurfaced online.

Netizens express their sadness over Crisha as they now understand her emotions last year.


To recall, It took her six tries, across the months since her split with Joem Bascon. In the five other recordings, she could not even move past the first few seconds before turning into a crying mess.

In her vlog, titled “The Breakup Story,” it was clear just how much Crisha Uy loved Joem and how she struggled to accept that he simply “fell out of love.”

Crisha who was with Bascon for more than eight years, was still visibly heartbroken over their breakup in the video, failing to hold back her tears in several parts.

But despite this apparent pain, she explained that this was a vlog that she needed to record as she hopes it can serve as inspiration for those who were similarly devastated over love.

A netizen reposted a screenshot of Crisha’s vlog and express how she understands the latter’s feelings through the year.

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