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One of The Susp€cts of Christine Dacera Case Speaks Up On Social Media

Rey Englis, one of the susp€cts of Christine Dacera case finally speaks up on social media.

“The truth will set us all free,” he began on his Facebook post.

The sad news of the passing of Christine Dacera, aged only 23 at her d€ath has been making it to the headlines right now.

It is after the news surfaced online as well as to different newspapers and news stations. It is believed that Dacera was set up by 11 persons who were with her celebrated the New Year’s Eve.


One of these 11 suspects is Rey Englis who even took to his social media and seemingly wasking his hands off the allegations.

On his Facebook account, Englis posted a message saying that he is also praying for the soulf of Dacera whom he called as his own family.

“The truth will set us all free. I don’t need your apologies when that time comes comes but please offer it through prayers for Tin and her family,” he said.

Englis even said with all confidence that he wouldn’t deactivate his account despite of hatreds that he is receiving.


He even has a message for the late PAL Flight Attendant.

“Christine Dacera wherever you are now. Always remember. Mahal na mahal ka namin. You are family to us,” Englis added.

The susp€ct also said that he doesn’t need to say this on social media because for him, their real friends know what friendship they have.

“We will try to survive the h4rassments and fake news kahit hindi na namin kaya. Pati mga pamilya namin nadadamay na.”

He said that he is praying and even mentioned God on his post.

“Nagdadasal kame. God is our witness and you Tin. I know ka natutuwa sa mga nangyayari.”

Meanwhile, this Facebook post of Englis went viral and elicited different reactions from the netizens.

Most of them are in rage while some are being neutral and waiting for the further investigation.










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