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House of Xian Lim Was R0bbed By Cr!minals

Xian Lim sadly reveals that his house had been recently r0bbed.

Kapamilya actor Xian Lim falls into v!ctim of house r0bbery in his home in Antipolo, Rizal.

Last Sunday, he came home just to see his house already forcedly open by the offenders.

“The other day, I came home and witnessed a nightmare. I saw that a couple windows were shattered, metal grills hammered and filled down. Pagbukas ko ng pintuan, they left a piece of cloth in the front door (I guess to let me know that the place was r0bbed prior to entering? I’m not really sure.)” Xian wrote on his Instagram.


Sadly, all his TV and computers were all gone.

He went on saying, “I looked around and saw that all the TVs and computers are gone. They also left two planks with nails sticking out. (I’m assuming that this is what they used to break the windows and the locks in the door. Could also be used as a weapon? I don’t have answers.)”

According to Xian, there are 4 men at least who are responsible for his house r0bbery.

He further explained to his fans and followers that this is the reason why he has not been active on his social media for the last few days.


However, Xian is sill thankful that his family members are not hurt by the incident.

“At first, there was nothing but fear and hatred running through my me. I feared for my life, my mom, lola and lolo… as time passed by, I became grateful that no one was hurt,” he said.

Xian already filed a complaint to the authorities regarding this incident.


Written by aDMin

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