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Royette Padilla bids his goodbye at the age of 58

One of the Padilla Brothers, Royette Padilla reportedly bids his goodbye at the age of 58.

According to a report from, The news came that Royette Padilla, the eldest brother of Robin, Rommel, and BB Gandanghari (formerly Rustom Padilla) has p4ssed away.

Their sister Rebecca herself posted on January 9, 2020, Saturday on Facebook,

“Pls whisper a prayer for our brother Royette Padilla. A silent prayer for his eternal peace, please.”

His cause of d3ath according to the report is heart att4ck.


We haven’t heard about Royette for a long time, who became an actor in the 1990s.

And appeared in the films Di Na Natuto (Sorry na, puwede ba?), Mistah, and others.

Recently, Royette even posted a photo of him with his mother Eva Cariño Padilla on December 24.

He captioned his post by saying,


“This is my happiest Christmas because the most wonderful mom mama eva in the world has fully recovered from her illness and beautiful again as ever!

“Merry Christmas everyone and to all your loved ones and specially to all my friends here in FB.”

Royette is also one of the most controversial Padilla brothers.

According to Gorgy Rula, he remembered that he always interview Royette in the prison.

But he then forgets what case he’s into that time when he got detained in Camp Bagong Diwa at Bicutan.

Rula interviewed him there and talked to him gently.

Rula also remembers he also interviewed him at a police station in Angeles City where his neighbors complained about him for allegedly causing trouble.

Rula said that when you talk to Royette, you don’t seem to believe the accusations against him.

As of this writing, the Padilla family hasn’t given their statement regarding the matter.

Our prayers to the bereaved family.


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