Ivana Alawi pranks and surprise her mom with a brand new car

Ivana Alawi pranks and surprises her mom at the same time.

Ever since the alluring and quirky Ivana Alawi started her vlog, fans can’t get enough of her.

Her Youtube channel now has a whopping ten million subscribers with an average of six million views for each video.

Netizens are fond of her uploads and it surely never fails to trend.


Aside from her sister Mona Alawi, her Mommy Fatima is also present in her videos and their kulitan is really entertaining!

Hailing from Puntod, Cagayan de Oro, Fatima Alawi used to be an OFW in Bahrain. There, she fell in love with Samir Al Alawi, a Moroccan national, and gave birth to three children. Unfortunately, their marriage did not work out, so Fatima decided to go back to the Philippines, where she happily raised her three children: Hashim, Ivana, and Mona.

Just like any other Youtuber, Ivana also does Internet challenges, which help spice things up in her vlogs.

Pulling pranks on her mom has got to be one of Ivana’s hobbies.


Mommy Fatima’s reactions every time are priceless, and netizens can’t stop laughing at how she responds the way most moms would typically react.

As we all know where Ivana got her charm—from her mom, of course!

However, what really entertained her viewers is when she tries to prank and surprise her mom at the same time.

On her latest vlog, Ivan surprises her mom with a brand new car.

But of course, Ivana does the prank first before the surprise.

At the prank, together with her siblings, they act that they quarreled.

But in the end, when they finally reveal the prank and show their mom the surprise, the latter couldn’t help but become emotional.

Watch it below:

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