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Julia Barretto Finally Reveals That She Is “Taken”, Is She Introducing Her Boyfriend This Year?

Julia Baretto admitted that she is “taken” or simply means being in a relationship.

After being single for years now, the young actress finally revealed her love life status.

This was low key revealed by Julia through a Tiktok video trend. The said viral video will have a group of people choosing side depending on what they have wrote in the video.

In this case, Julia made their version together with her friends Chie Filomeno, Issa Pressman and others.


They chose between Single or Taken and Julia took the side of the word Taken. Next choices were Pinoy or AFAM.

AFAM is the slang word for foreigner, in which she went to this side.

They also chose between Older or Younger to which she responded to Older.

As expected, many of hers are saying that Julia is low key saying that she is in a relationship with Gerald Anderson.


Their reason is that, Gerald could be considered as AFAM as he is actually a Filipino-American.

While the actor is also older than Julia. He is already 31 years old and the actress is only 23.

In addition, the fans are thinking that their idol is slowly giving hints about her real score with long time rumored boyfriend.


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Recently, she uploaded a photo of her new dog with a mysterious guy behind the wheels. She didn’t cropped it or edited it, she just uploaded for how it was.

What do you think? Is Julia finally revealing her relationship with Gerald?


Written by aDMin

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