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An old woman found hidden under the sink, left by her daughter Without Food for 2 Days

A heartless daughter allegedly left her poor elderly mom under the sink of their house for two days without food and clothes.

A post that is viral on social media right now has angered thousands of Filipino.

Kristine Vargas Tatad, a Facebook user shared a story about her neighbors

Who left their own mother alone at their house without food or water.


The poor woman was left under the sink covered with a plywood and water container.

Luckily, kindhearted neighbors found the elderly lady alone inside her house. The old lady’s neighbors came to her rescue her and gave her food and clothes because she was very cold under the sink.

According to Kristine, she was called by her mother, who asked her to help carry an elderly in their neighbor’s house. Her mother brought a cloth as they head there.

Tatad also expressed her disappointment towards the daughter of the elderly woman for her irresponsible actions. Kristine and her neighbors could not believe that it is even possible for someone to abandon their parents.


It is claimed that the woman was left alone for 2 straight days and did not have clothes, food, and access to clean water.

The user who shared the story said that the daughter of the woman arrived and explained what happened, but they did not buy into what she told them.

The daughter added that the prioritized to transfer the other things but claimed that they had no plans of leaving her mother behind.

Neighbors said that it should have been their priority to bring their elderly mother with them first, not the things.


Written by aDMin

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