Derek Ramsay had this comment on Andrea Torres ignoring the intrigues of their breakup

Derek Ramsay shares his thoughts on his breakup with Andrea Torres in November 2020.

Derek is said to be just disappointed because there are people who are affected who have nothing to do with his issue with his ex-girlfriend.

“The whole breakup with Andrea, it really took a lot out of me. Parang sinabi ko before na I don’t want to do a showbiz relationship. Nagkaroon.

“Like I said, with all the people bashing and all of that, kaya ko yun. It’s not a problem for me. It’s just the words,” he quipped.


Derek said he has no idea why Andrea has no reaction to the false speculations associated with their breakup.

Derek gently said, “Pero yung tahimik lang si Andrea and yung pamilya niya…

“Kung hindi man sila magsalita tungkol sa akin, magsalita naman sila sa mga inosenteng taong nadadamay.”

He then added, “For me, kapag may ibang taong nagsasalita ng masama kay Andrea na hindi totoo, sinasagot ko out of respect for her family and sa pagkakakilala ko kay Andrea, sinasabi ko.


“I guess it’s just two different people. So, she has her way of dealing of things. I had my way of dealing with things. Pero napagod ako.”

So far, Derek does not know what else to do.

What are the accusations against him? So the actor is still confused as to whether he will return to work and face the ongoing intrigues he has reached or will cool down first.

Meanwhile, his project with Andrea Sanggang Dikit a Kapuso teleserye will not be able to continue.

Some GMA 7 members said that the project is no longer in the lineup so Andrea started Legal Wives, and offered another drama series to Derek.

Maybe in March Derek will start a new TV project.

But the actor’s answers are still hesitant if he is ready to return to work.


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