Girl Who Left Heartbroken By Boyfriend Loses Weight, Became Flight Attendant

When it comes to relationships, we already have heard someone who was left behind because of her weight and size.

Amazingly, these ladies who were left broken-hearted by the person they loved found inspiration for themselves.

Just like this story of a girl who was left behind by her now ex-boyfriend because of her weight and size.

She is none other than Que Huong, a 19-year-old girl.


According to the young lady, she didn’t expect that she would become a flight attendant because of her weight before.

Que said that she weighed 75 kilos or 165 pounds and has a height of 5’3”.

Because of her physical appearance, she was once a vict!m of bully!ng and judgements. It even came to the point that she can’t look at herself in the mirror.

However, despite of the name calls and all, Que didn’t mind them as for her she looks fine with her weight.


Until the day had come, she didn’t expect that being a broken-hearted would be the way for her to lose weight.

It is after it came to her knowledge that her boyfriend was actually cheating on him with having another girlfriend.

She felt insecure as the girl appeared to be “beautiful” and “physically fit.” Que Huong was then hurt becoming the reason of her breakthrough.

Que turned her heartbreak into an inspiration and started going to the gym. After her hardworks and dedication, she loses almost 20 kilos.

From her original weight of 75 kilos down to 57 kilos! Now, she looks like a new other girl. Aside from this, she also became a flight attendant!

What an amazing inspiring story of a girl who was once cheated on.


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