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Ellen Adarna Responds To Basher Calling Her ‘Malandi’ On Instagram

Ellen Adarna is responding to her followers and bashers again. This time, clearing out her name for being linked with Derek Ramsay.

The actress has been fond of answering her followers on her Instagram account. Last year, she had been giving advice to her fans on how to move on from a break up.

It all started when the reports came confirming that she and ex-boyfriend John Lloyd Cruz have broken up. They had their son Elias Modesto.

After this, her fans and followers noticed that she doesn’t look like an affected or broken-hearted girl. So her fans got curious about her stand.


This time, Ellen is responding to bashers and people asking her real score with Derek Ramsay.

They were put in boiling waters just recently after Ruffa Gutierrez uploaded photos and videos of them on her Instagram story.

The said photos show Ellen and Derek look very close and touchy with each other. Ruffa even jokingly said that the actress and Derek’s dad are now close.

One short clip showed the actress wrapping her one arm to the actor while whispering or talking to him closely.


This immediately circulated the social media in no time and received different reactions and comments. Most of them are calling both of celebrities ‘malandi.’

Some even called out Derek as playboy as he recently came from break up with ex-girlfriend Andrea Torres.

Moreover, to end all this rumors, Ellen finally responded.

In one of the photo of Derek, she commented as well as bashers calling them names. Ellen then replied, “actually di man si derek ung gusto ko.. parehos kami ng gusto si @galibearstravel yan talaga ung totoo kaya wag kana ma strong jan”

The two immediately disclosed the rumors that there is something between them.


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