Ellen Adarna spotted again on Derek Ramsay’s house, noticed by MJ Marfori in an online interview

Ellen Adarna was caught spending time again with actor Derek Ramsay during an interview on TV5.

Ellen and Derek have been linked romantically due to their cozy photos and videos that surfaced on social media. All they were with their friends, netizens can’t help but speculate that they will end up as a couple.

Recently, Ellen Adarna was in an interview for John en Ellen, when MJ Marfori noticed that the ceiling of the house where Ellen was looked very familiar.

She then asked Ellen directly, “At dahil siyempre friend din namin siya [Derek], napakapamilyar ng background mo, Ellen. Nasa bahay ka ba ni Derek?”


The actress then responded, “Oh my God! Masyado bang obvious?” Derek is the ninong of the child of MJ Marfori and GMA News reporter Oscar Oida, which is why the home of Derek was familiar to MJ.

“Sobrang obvious yung ceiling diyan, sa may pool area ‘yan ni Derek,” the Tv5 reporter said.

“E, magkapitbahay lang kami, di ba?” said Ellen.

John Estrada came to the rescue and defended his friend and his leading lady.


John Estrada, on the other hand, said that both Ellen and Derek were not stepping in anyone’s shoes, both single and deserve to be happy.

As Derek could be heard in the background, he was requested to say hi, which he did.

While the interview with John and Ellen was ongoing, the voice of Derek can be heard as he was talking with somebody on the phone. “Derek, mag-hi ka na lang daw kasi nabuking na ako na nandito ako sa bahay mo,” Ellen Adarna said and added that they have companions.

Then, the actor said “hi!” on-air and the actress said, “We’re going to be at the news, ano ka ba?!”

What can you say?


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