Luis Manzano Reveals “Young Love” With Maui Taylor

Luis Manzano revealed his past relationship with sexy star Maui Taylor.

Who wouldn’t have a crush on Maui Taylor, right?

Back in the days, Maui was one of the most in demand sexy star of all time. She was part of Viva Hot Babes with their famous song Bulaklak.

It can’t be denied that Maui was one of the boys’ fantasies back in the 90s. She had various daring roles in her showbiz career journey.


On the other hand, before she became an actress that usually became a sexy star, it turns out that she and Luis were classmates.

In an episode of I Can See Your Voice, the host and his Singvestigators talked about their crushes.

At this point, Hashtag member Nikko Natividad shared that he has a big crush on Maui Taylor. There was a time that they worked together in a project.

“Nagkasama kami sa raket, kami lang dalawa sa Bohol.”


With that being said, Luis revealed something from the past.

According to Luis, he and Maui were classmates when they were in the 1st Grade in elementary. He then said that they had a “young love” or what we call “puppy love.”

“Si Maui ay kaklase ko nung grade 1. Medyo parang naging kami… parang young love. Kami lagi magkasama sa classroom, napakabait din no’n, si Maui,” Luis revealed.

It looks like that Maui has the strong charisma ever since as Luis also had a crush on something on her.


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