Meryll Soriano posts sweet bonding moments with Joem Bascon and the latter’s family

Meryll Soriano and Joem Bascon are savoring their second chance at love following the actress’ revelation that they have a baby together.

Meryll Soriano proudly showed off her photo with Joem Bascon and that of their matching tattoos. She took to Instagram to share their sweet photo together, with the first one showing her and Joem sitting side by side, smiling at the camera.

The second photo shows their arms together with matching emoji tattoos.

“Thank you,” Meryll wrote in the caption, adding a white heart.


They seemed to be on the beach because they were both wet and Joem’s arms were sandy.

The photo posted a day after Joem’s ex-girlfriend, Crisha Uy, broke her silence on the couple’s reconciliation.

January 1, 2021, when Meryll made public her and Joem’s return.

Since then, she has become more open about sharing their photos with their newborn baby.


Meryll allegedly proved that Joem’s love for her was unparalleled in the intensity of her alleged care for him, especially when she was pregnant.

“Thank you for taking care of me—now US. Your love is unparalleled,” Meryll told Joem in an Instagram post on January 10.

On January 8, Meryll shared that her pregnancy was difficult due to her age of 38.

Based on the viral pictures, both Meryll and Joem seemed to have enjoyed their pregnancy journey. Joem also seemed to have been hands-on in taking care of Meryll throughout her pregnancy.

Meryll and Joem have also introduced their baby boy to Joem’s parents and siblings.

On January 16, Meryll posted a family picture of them where Joem’s mother can see the baby.

“Family is everything,” Meryll’s simple caption.

Meryll and Joem first became a couple in 2008 but they split one year later.

On New Year, Meryll revealed that they have a newborn child after posting a family photo, confirming that they are back together.


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