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Ryan Bang Loses Game With Vicd Ganda And Ion Perez, Swims In The Pool Naked

Ryan Bang had a bonding moment with his Meme Vice and Daddy Ion.

In the latest vlog that Vice uploaded, Ryan visited her and Ion in her new house. At the very beginning of the video, Ion and the Korean actor were swimming in the pool.

After few minutes, the Unkabogable star joined the two. At first, they were just swimming and joking around. They then came up to the idea that Vice will toss a coin and Ryan as well as Ion needs to find it underwater.

This is the most common thing we play in water so they really enjoyed it. Later on, Vice came up with another game again. This time, a game with consequence!


The three of them played Baskin Robins 31. The mechanics of the game is simple, they will count 1 to 31. The person who will fall to 31 loses.

At first, Vice Ganda was the one who lose in the game. What’s more funny is that she was the one who thought of the consequence.

Vice said before they started that the one who will lose will have to put the thumb feet finger of the two players in their mouth.

So Vice did it one by one. The next round, Ryan lose the game. Vice dared him to remove his swimming trunks and swim naked in the pool.


The Korean but Filipino at heart really swim naked in the pool. His butt was seen in the camera! He then swim from one end of pool to another.

Ion and Vice burst laughing because Ryan really did the consequence!


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