Carmina Villarroel Wants Daughter Cassy To Be Like Toni Gonzaga

Carmina Villaroel asks her daughter Cassy if she could be like Toni Gonzaga.

Her twins Mavy and Cassy are now 20 years old. Byt of course, as a mom, Carmina still sees them as her babies.

The twins Mavy and Cassy are the children of Carmina and Zoren Legaspi. They may not be in showbiz when they were kids but we have seen them grew up.

We have seen them in commercials particularly in an ice cream brand which had them as family endorsers for many times.


Now that Cassy and Mavy are grown ups, their mom still wants to keep them in the house as much as possible.

Actually, Cassy have already come to the point where she wanted to live on her own. But of course, her mom refused.

“Sabi ko gusto ko mag-independent living, pero siyempre nagalit parents ko.

“Nagalit si Mommy, ‘No, no. You stay in the house. I’ll miss you so much.’


While her daddy Zoren said yes. But only she will live next to their house.

Carmina and Zoren even suggested that they can buy a two houses that are interconnected.

On the other hand, the actress shared that if ever Cassy would come to the point leaving their house, she wants her to be like Toni Gonzaga who only left after getting married.

“Lagi ko nga sinasabi, ‘Puwedeng maging Toni Gonzaga ka na hindi naman nag-move out, pero kinasal naman sa tamang edad.’

“Parang, ‘Sana ganoon na lang, please!’ Sana lang naman. Sana lang.”

Carmina and Zoren are both protective to their twins as they are the only babies of them.


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