Donny Pangilinan Surprises Fans After Visiting Them On Their Homes

Donny Pangilinan surprises his fans in their own home!

The young actor came up to an idea to visit his fans in Laguna. In a vlog that he uploaded, Donny said that he was in Laguna at that time.

So what he did was asked all of his fans about their greatest experience being a fan of him. He also asked them to send their shoe size and complete adress.

Little did they know, Donny himself was the one who will personally deliver it for them. His fans know that he will just have someone it to them.


He wrote on his Instagram story, “Woever lives in Laguna!

Send me a message of your journey/story being a supporter of mine (if we met or haven’t met) together with you address and shoe size…”

After this, Donny went to the mall and bought his fans the shoes he have promised. He also has his friend with him who pretended the one delivering their gifts.

They immediately went on their way to surprise his fans. He bought them Adidas Stan Smith shoes.


The first fan was so clueless that Donny was actually in the van. Of course, they observed social distancing. Donny said that as bad as he wants to hug her but he can’t.

All of his fans were surprised and speechless when he got out of the van. So it is a surprise success, Donny!

This is his way to say thank you to all of his fans who have been supporting him since his humble beginning!


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