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Janno Gibbs gave his reaction towards foul comments netizens thrown against him

Janno Gibbs finally gave his reaction towards the issue between him and Kitkat Favia.

Huwag maniwala sa “tsismis”

This is the answer of Janno Gibbs to the accusation of some netizens that Janno disrespected a woman.

The netizen did not directly specify what the issue was, but the alleged rift between Janno and Kitkat is now the talk of the town.


Janno, Kitkat, and Anjo Yllana are the main hosts of Happy Time, the daily noontime show seen on Net 25.

Recently, news came out that Janno allegedly shouted and cursed Kitkat while they are on a taping of their show.

Everyone who was there during the taping thought that the incident was just a prank. It was said that Janno was cursing against his female co-host. The people just realized it was not a prank when Janno threw the microphone and left.

The source also said that Janno accused Kitkat of taking the side of Marco Sison, their guest for that episode.


This morning, Janno posted screenshots of netizens’ comments criticizing him for being unprofessional.

One of these is the serious allegations of netizens (@ geter012) who questioned professionalism and Janno’s unattractive behavior as an actor.

Janno still has not proven anything during his time in the industry.

He accused Janno of being “never punctual, disrespectful & a plain misogynist.”

Meanwhile, Janno shared a screenshot of @ geter012’s profile with no posts, followers, and following.

Janno wants to point out that the netizen who criticized him is a dummy account.

He also posted the comment of another netizen who called him “ugaling basura” and did not know how to respect women.

First, he corrected the grammar of the commenter. Second, he denied the issue was true.

Meanwhile, there’s no update about the case Kitkat plans to file against Janno.


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